Planning to make your room elegant with Roman blinds

Roman blinds are not only used for blocking sunlight from outside, it will also used to make your room rich and elegant look. The great advantage of fitting this roman blind is softness, as it made up of good fabrics. Though it is made of good fabrics and with great thickness and it won’t suits for some areas like bathroom, kitchen etc, and the main reason of using purpose is it will absorb water. In such cases you can use roller blinds.

Are you going to purchase roman blinds through online

You can purchase your blinds in two ways through online or purchase with measurements by visiting the blind store. Purchasing the Roman blinds through online is the better option. Through online you can get more varieties and many designs from that you can choose any one. The measurements will be mentioned below to that particular product and you can also compare the prices with others. Suppose if size does not fit to your window, then you can customize by cutting it.

Features and fabrics of Roman blinds

Roman blinds uses some of the fabrics like cotton, silk, hemp, wood, suede, polyester. Mostly Roman blinds are made of silk and cotton so that it will be thick and double layered, so that it will be long lasting. Usually Roman blinds are very soft and easy to maintain. Maintaining the blinds are very easy depends on the fabrics used. Cleaning the Roman blinds is the easy process and you can wash by hands and also it can be washed through washing machine with mild detergent. Some other cleaning process includes and they are,

  • Vacuuming
  • Spot cleaning
  • Washing
  • Steam
  • Cleaning wood blinds


It is process which you should done regularly to avoid your blinds from lot of dust and damage. This is just simply you put vacuum cleaner on the blinds and it will clean the dust.

Spot cleaning

It is another cleaning process, if you find any stain or dust you should clean that place immediately.


Normal washing done with our hands gently is the process you can wash through washing machine with mild detergent.


If it is not water resistant then you can use steam cleaning method.

Cleaning the woods

The wood cleaning will not be done with the above methods it must be done differently.