GHL ProfiLux

GHL ProfiLux established in the late 1990’s have long been associated with high quality German built aquatic controller systems.

Adopting the slogan “where quality has no compromise” is no marketing hype and has become not just a catch phrase but importantly a policy of making sure the client only has the best of quality and reliable functionality without fear to always leave their expensive aquatic system automated by the latest cutting edge aquatic controller technology.

As GHL ProfiLux maintains their proven philosophy to put client support first, and with the strong demand now in North America for easy access to this product range without having to search huge dealer lists, GHL Direct brings you a one stop always in stock access point for all your GHL supply needs dedicated solely for the supply of GHL ProfiLux to the USA client base.

GHL ProfiLux the system you can really rely on where “quality really has no compromise” when so much is being trusted upon.

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